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Welcome to Alex Guitar Lessons

Alex Guitar Lessons was created to give beginning and advanced guitar and bass students an engaging, personalized learning experience. You will always receive the highest level of supportive, individualized instruction tailored to your strengths and interests.

I'm an established, experienced teacher and multi-instrumentalist with 30 years of writing, performing and recording experience. In addition to showing you all guitar and bass techniques, I can help you with learning your favorite songs, reading music, ear training, music theory, songwriting, and performing.

I offer top-flight, supportive guitar and bass instruction for complete beginners to paid professional musicians of all ages in a quiet, well equipped studio. I'm here for those who really love music, and are truly prepared to work hard and learn.

For guitarists I have the most efficient and powerful methods to show you how to be a great rhythm guitarist who can play any chord, with ease. Be a great lead guitarist, with no boundaries and understand song structure and easily write your own songs.

For bassists I'm going to show you the most logical and quick ways to be the bassist that truly drives the band, and is the real master of the song. Be a bassist who can solo and use riffs with great taste and style and be a groove player who creates irresistible rhythms.

If you're up to the commitment, and you really intend to learn and succeed, call me.

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