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My Mission

I'm a dedicated career music teacher. This is my job and my way of life. I take every lesson and every student seriously. My assessment of a student's talent has no effect on my professional ethic. Everybody gets the same respect, patience, attention and kindness.

I'm here to help you get what you want out of music, whatever it is. I use all the knowledge (especially of the things I did inefficiently when teaching myself), so the work can be more streamlined for you. I want you to enjoy this endeavor, and to reach whatever goals you have, whether it's just playing for fun, or a lifetime pursuit.

So long as you really like music, there are no serious limits to what you can do, because it's your own desire to make the sounds you imagine that will drive you. I am especially available to people who have that enjoyment of music.

It's critical to state this again. I am available to all my students at all hours in between lessons, via phone, text, or email. I love what I do, and so long as I'm not songwriting or recording, or writing instructional books, I'll talk to you when you call or write. I'll get back to you as soon as possible if I'm engaged.

In return for my extraordinary commitment to you, I require that you follow my very simple policies to the word. That's all. If you're ready and realistic, you won't find a better teacher anywhere. I look forward to meeting you.

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