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What Students Say

"Alex is a fantastic teacher, instructor, and mentor. I have worked with him for nearly four years (focusing mainly on electric guitar), and he has been a tremendous help to me every step of the way. I would recommend him to anyone!"

– Nolan Peach

"My son has been learning from Alex for 2½ years and the progress he has made has been astounding. He could only play 5 or 6 chords of basic rhythm guitar when he started lessons, and now he is performing intricate, difficult solos from Pink Floyd and Rush. Alex has tremendous patience, is always encouraging, and has been a great mentor for Ryan. We can't recommend him highly enough!"

– Susie Binkley

"I took lessons with Alex for a year. It was an incredible experience as I learned so much more about technique, theory, and playing, and I had been playing guitar at that point for over 30 years! I also liked that I could work on any song or lead guitar part that I wanted to learn, and Alex would learn it quickly (on his own time), and then teach it to me! I learned Tom Petty leads, Eric Clapton leads, etc. It was just great fun! And he can teach you to sing and harmonize on the lyrics of songs too! He's had over four years of voice lessons, and it shows!"

– Fred Coolidge

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